2018 CRUISE-A-THONg Weekend was a huge success! Thanks to all who supported FUSJR

2018 Community Sponsors

2018 Winners

2018 Average Jo(e) Winner

2018 Average Jo(e) Winners
Team Musgrove

Congratulations to local family Team Musgrove for completing the race with an average time of 2 hours, 32 minutes & 28 seconds!!

Best Self Propelled Method of Transportation

Jerry Hancock #68 along with his team Sweet and Juicy Coconuts hurdled the course via shopping cart

Best Flotation Device

#40 & 41 Michael and Candace Nickles floated on some giant frogs through the very low San Juan River.  (anyone have a picture of their frogs? We're searching for a photo??) 

Best Couple Costume

Brad and Sarah Kinser were "Pixelated"

Over Achiever Couple

Jacob Appenzeller and Ember Baca amazed the trainers at the CrossFit Comfort Station at Yamaguchi Park with their walking hand stand and burpees.  Jacob also won best male costume.

Toddler 1/2 Pint Award

Beckett Schofield was part of 

Team Tom Cruise-a-thong and completed the race with his parents in 2 hours, 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Creative Group Costumes

Ball Handlers from Santa Fe New Mexico

So much creativity from everyone this year with costumes.  

Average Jo(e) Race

Race Details

Average Jo(e) Race 

3rd Saturday in July every year

Town Park Pagosa Springs, CO

Registration begins at 9am 

Race starts ~around 11 am

Average Jo(e) Race


On Saturday, in Town Park, FUSJR presents the Average Jo(e) Race. It is a triathlon designed for the not-so-hardcore athlete in all of us! Like a triathlon, the course consists of three legs; however, ours is a bit more relaxed.

  • The first being a “cruiser” bike ride (or other self-propelled method of transportation) through downtown Pagosa Springs. 
  •  Next, a thong (that is to say “flip-flop”) walk along the “almost world famous” Pagosa Springs River Walk. 
  • Lastly, a tube float (or other flotation device) down the San Juan River. 

Following the race is our After Party , which consists of live music, libations, and a ceremony to award this year’s most Average Jo(e). We will also award other not-so-average participants for creative costumes and other not-so-average antics.

Winner is the person with the most average time!

Race of the Average Jo(e)-the Jo(e) that posts the most average time (that is the mean, not the median or the mode, though these numerical positions often receive recognition as well). Other prizes are awarded for creative costumes, creative (but not necessarily buoyant) flotation devices, in addition to bonus points added for consumption of high caloric treats at our sponsored comfort stations, gears on the race bike in excess of one, any flip flops lost during the race, or any other element that makes the participant more or less average. 

Hair of the Dog Disc Golf Tourney

Sunday on Reservoir Hill

For a second day of fun join us on Reservoir Hill in downtown Pagosa Springs for an "average" disc golf experience.

Hosted with the Pagosa Disc Golf Club

The Disc Golf Club President will greet attendees at the cabin at the top of the hill beginning at 9am till 9:45 am for registration and start at 10am.

Prizes will be awarded in multiple categories

Half the registration fee goes towards Friends of the Upper San Juan River, the rest is cash prizes